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Raimohan will be back in pahili raja
16 Mar 2010 19:38


Raimohan is again coming back to films in "Pahili Raja".He was alleged to be doing only theater for last couple of years.But he has not completely disassociated himself from films,thats why he has accepted a small role in the film.

Pupinder turns producer
16 Mar 2010 19:23


After entertaining people in albums,as tv show host and as an actor pupinder turns producer with the film "Subha Bibhaha".The film has been released recently and is getting mixed response from audience.But critcs response has been very poor.

sanju and Sanjana team in nepal
16 Mar 2010 18:59
source:Dharitri epaper

Rakhi Sawant to do an item Number
16 Mar 2010 18:52
Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant will now be shaking her leg for the upcoming film "Tora mora jodi sundara".The title of the song is :"Badnamia Jhia mun badanamia jhia;Mun jadi badanamia, satia kie kuha".This is the second instance where bollywood dancers are appearing in oriya films.
The trendsetter being Sambhavana Seth's item number "Mun jaithili Khandagiri.." in love dot com.

Samaresh narrowly escaped fire while shooting
08 Mar 2010 19:26
source:Dharitri paper

Gotie ashanta duiti mana
08 Mar 2010 19:21

Barsa turns Restaurateur
08 Mar 2010 19:17
Barsa Priyadarshini has been immensely influenced by bollywood biggies like shahrukh khan,preity jinta and raani mukherjee.Guess what!
She is turning a real resturateur with "Garam Masala".The restaurant was opened on january 23 in Bhubaneswar.

Swashura Ghara Jindabad
08 Mar 2010 18:56


Now a days dont be surprised if you hear Sabyasachi praising about his inlaws.Actually he is doing a film having a
similar storyline titled Swashura Ghara Jindabad.In the film he plays a character who visits the inlaws house.
He finds the ambience very disturbing and tries to shortout the family disorders.

tora mora jodi sundara
08 Mar 2010 18:49
Adiraj Panigrahi has announced his first production venture "tora mora jodi sundara" under Samaleswari film.The film will be directed by debu pattnaik .Sabyasachi and Archita have been roped in for the main lead.The casting will be completed very soon.

S.P Dushmanta
06 Mar 2010 19:44


Dushmnta is playing a role of S.P. in his next film titled Swayansidha.His first big break came in E mana manena,directed by N. Padhi.Then he did movies like "munna-a love story","Aa re sathi aa", "Tume hi sathi mora".
Though in the film he has a very small role,it's challenging,he says.In the film he plays S.P. Prabir nanda who goes out to rescue a reporter who has been kidnapped by a group of naxalites.On his way he meets heroine shriya who misguides him go on a wrong path.The vehicle he is travelling in explodes to the landmines set on the road,turning him dead.

mana khoje manatie title changed
06 Mar 2010 19:40
Mana Khoje Manatie:this was the title announced when it went to floors.But director Ranjan mishra has added one extra word "E" to the title before its shooting.Now its officially "E mana khoje manatie".The shooting will be starting from 23rd Feb.

Om Sai's New Offer
04 Mar 2010 18:43


Bikash to compose for films
02 Mar 2010 13:40


Bikash Shukla, the composer of highly popular song "nani bada dande bhida bhari" is going to
try his luck in films.After a decade long career in album and jatra music he is getting his lucky break for "Abhimani Priya".The film
is being directed by S.K.Dutt.He is having high aspirations for this film and is planning to deliver some original
and creative scores.only time will tell whether he will live up to the expectations.

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