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Bobby's first film as solo hero
24 Sep 2010 17:18


The recently released Tate Bhala Pauchi Boli is running with packed audiences .This is Bobby's first film as a solo lead.His acting is praiseworthy,and surely it is going to kick start his career.Co-actor Debasish is new find for the industry.

Dewaana: Revealed
16 Sep 2010 20:00

Sidhanta hurts finger while shooting
16 Sep 2010 19:01


Sidhanta hurt his finger while giving a jumping stunt from a 40ft high building in his Upcoming film "Mate Bohu Kari Nei Jaa".The scene was supposed be done by stunt specialist ,but he insisted doing it by himself.The films shooting is being done in bangkok.

Kuni Ganesha : First Oriya Animation TV series
14 Sep 2010 07:00


For the first time in orissa a complete in-hose 3D animation TV series ,Kuni Ganesha will hit the silver screen .

Composer Deepak is back
12 Sep 2010 14:43

source : Dharitri
Khas Tumari paain
12 Sep 2010 14:38
source: Dharitri
Babusan and Parijat again in Mun Premi Mun pagala
12 Sep 2010 13:27
source: Dharitri
Sabyasachi plays Thief in Swashura ghara Jindabad
12 Sep 2010 13:08
source: Dharitri
Rali Nanda in double roles
11 Sep 2010 18:09
source: sunday indian
Babusan and parijat again in Mana mora prajapati
11 Sep 2010 17:41
source: sunday indian
Anubhav in BaloongaToka
11 Sep 2010 17:36
source: sunday indian
Akash in asibu kebe saji mo rani
11 Sep 2010 17:16
Megha on cloudnine
11 Sep 2010 17:10
Samaresh in Deewana
11 Sep 2010 16:56
source: incredibleorissa.com
Four new Films in line
30 Jul 2010 18:11

Bobby plays Negative role in Tate Bhala Pauchi Boli
30 Jul 2010 17:47


Actor Bobby will be seen in a negative role in his upcoming movie Tate Bhala Pauchi Boli.He is paired opposite Bengali beuty Koel mukherjee.This his third film.The first two films were Jai Sriram and Premrogi.

Budhaditya and Akash in sanagm
25 Jul 2010 13:29


Budhaditya and Akash and Jyoti Pani are coming together in the upcoming film Sangam.All the major shooting have been done near Mumbai and the film is also being edited there.

Rocking Rocky
25 Jul 2010 13:12

Power packed stunts in OmSai Tate Salam
23 Jul 2010 17:24
The fighting sequences in oriya film are getting more spectacular and as par with Bollywood.In the upcoming film "Om Sai tate Salam" there are a lot of stunt sequences which were never tried before.

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