Swashura Ghara Jindabad: Sanjaya Nayak's next film

Sanjaya Nayak, the showman of orissa film industry is now directing his first comedy film Swashura Ghara Jindabad.After the success of his scientific thriller "Keun duniaru asila bandhu",he has repeated sabyasachi again.The story reveals around the comedic situations that normally happens in the in-laws house.

The story has three jyain(son-in-laws).The eldest of them is raja,played by sabyasachi.The middle son-in-law is Hadu while the eldest of them being Arvind.These three marry to the daughters of the rich industrialist,Biren Mishra.The three heroines are mayuri,Deepali and Megha.The father-in-law has two wives-played respectively by puspa panda and snigdha mohanty.Apparently the eldest two of the son-in-laws are living off the property of their father in law,sitting idle.When the third son in law arrives in the scene,he quickly understands to change the situation.There are a lot of comedic situations in the film.

The film is being produced by Uttam Jain along with Biplab Jena.

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