Power packed stunts in OmSai Tate Salam

The fighting sequences in oriya film are getting more spectacular and as par with Bollywood.In the upcoming film "Om Sai tate Salam" there are a lot of stunt sequences which were never tried before.

In one of the fighting sequnces the hero runs away taking the car of the villain.The villain runs after him and jumps into the running vehicle.
They have a long fight on the running car and the hero is pushed out of the car…soon after villain jumps off it to chase hero.These stunts were very dangerous and were performed by stunts director Anshuman samantray.In onother scene there is a chasing sequence on the top of the bulding.

Producer Pramod nayak will be playing the lead of the film and directed Biswajit Mohanty(Kuna).The shooting of the film will sart in 20th of next month.

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