Raja - The Rainy season for odia films

Posted By: Alok On 29th May'10

The times in oriya film industry were never like this before.Its raining films this season in raja.There are five films coming together in raja festival.All of these will compete against each other to grab viewers attention.and the audience will be major benefetors from it.They will have more options to choose from and the one which will offer best entertainment will attract them.

The films lined up for raja are- sanju aau sanjana,aalo mora kandhei,pahili raja,ama bhitare kichhi achhi,Dil tate deichi.Almost all the heroes and heroines of the industry are in these pictures.Sidhanta will be seen in two pictures - pahili raja and Aalo mora sakhi kandhei. And two pictures from Anu chaudhury too-Dil tate deichi and aalo mora kandhei.Aalo mora kandhei being common for them.The other pairs hitting the screen are
a)Anubhav-Barsha in aama bhitare kichi achhi
b)sabyasachi-priya in dil tate deichi
c)Babusan-parijat in Sanju aau sanjana
d)Akash with archita and priya in aalo mora kandhei.

We hope that the pictures will come with fresh stories and provide wholesome entertaiment to all.

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