Oriya films on Mythology

Posted By: Alok Nayak On 19th July 2010


Whenever we discuss about our cinema one name that comes to everyones mind is Sita Bibaha.It marked the beginning of Oriya cinema.Since then a lot of films have been made on different genres.

In the past two decades hardly any mythological films have been made.The reason is obvious.The time has changed,people have changed.Their likings and taste has changed.People have become more modern now -this includes their thinking and the acceptance of western culture.If we break down the structure of current films based on genre,90 percent would fall into romance and family drama.This speaks the likes and dislikes of audience.

In the midst of mindless love stories a film on lord Jagannath was made by Sabyasachi Mohapatra in the year2007.
The film "Jai Jagannath" is the only oriya film which was made in oriya as well as in hindi and released nationwide.It was made on a huge budget and created history by being dubbed into 13 other indian languages.

The other films on Jagannath being "sri jagannath" and "Bandhu Mohanty" . "Sri jagannath" was produced by Surendra kumar Dash and was released on 2nd february 1950.The total budget of the film was 3 lakhs fifty thousand. Bandhu Mohanty was made in in the sixties.The story was based on the life of devotee bandhu Mohanty.It also won the state Film awards that year.A film on same title was made by Bijoy Bhaskar in 1979.

In 1959 film Mahalaxmi Puja was made based on the legends of Jaganntha Mytholgy.The film was directed by Biswanath nayak starring Anubha ,Sefali,Sarat,srikanta and bauribandhu.In 1963 film jayadeb was made based on the life of Jayadeb.Kalyan Gupt directed the movie while the music was compose by Balakrushna Dash.

"Krishna sudama" was released in 1976 .Krishna Sudama tell the story of lord krishna and his childhood freind Sudama.It was directed by Govind Tej and music was given by Bhubaneswar Mishra.The choregraphy was done by famous Kelucharan Mohapatra.Govind Tej also played a character in tha film.Other include SantiSwaroop,Dira Biswal,Tripura,Prasanta Nanda and mamina.

"Shri Krishna Rass Leela" came in 1979 ,directed by Kamallochan mohanty.The year 1980 witnessed four mythological films-

  1. Jaya maa mngala by Akshya Mohanty
  2. Ramayana by Govind Tej
  3. Sita labakusha by jagadishChandra
  4. Tirinath Mela by Krishnachandra Rath

In 1983 two more pictures came-Mahasati Sabitri and Subarna Sita.Raja Harishchandra was directed by Uma Prasad Moitra and released in 1984.

In 1090s and 2000s no attempt was made to make films on mythology,jai jagannath being the the execption.The number of films made on Jagannth tells how central he is to our culture and spirituality.He has become part of our identity.

Looking at the current trend i believe the audience for mythological films have diminished.It is almost like non-existent.There will be hardly any films made on mythology in future.I am 100% sure about it and can bet all my money on it :) . Lets see if anybody proves me wrong!!!

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