Mukhyamatri :A film that stands apart, infuses freshness

Article By: Namita Panda , Source: Expressbuzz


From the very scene that Banku is introduced, one glues to the seat and starts enjoying the freshness in Sidhant’s acting that was missing since some time now in the recently released Oriya film 'Mukhyamantri'. The complete transformation from being a well-educated ministerial candidate Shekhar Das to a maverick village rickshaw puller has to be applauded as much as his comic expressions that generated rounds of claps. When Bijoy Mohanty who plays an ex-chief minister, makes the villager Sidhant the replacement for his missing look-alike, the movie does remind of the Bollywood blockbuster Don with the backdrop of politics.
The movie revolves around the power that a chief minister has and could use to achieve a social reformation. There are of course few idealistic situations that could be excused considering cinematic liberties. Yet it gives great joy and a positive feeling to even imagine that such changes could be possible in the society even today with just one good leader.
Sonali Mohapatra has justified her short role beautifully while Sabrina, a German from Mumbai, who has made her debut was also impressive. Samaresh of Dhauli Express fame has to be given special credit for having played a strong negative role despite the fact that the actor has all qualities of being a heartthrob.
The highlight of the movie however has to be the title song where Sidhant has done a little stint in acting similar to that of a Bollywood pop star. The only sad song of the movie, ‘biraha’ has also been composed splendidly. The production that shot the complete film in just a month and was ready for release in another has to be given a pat on the back for the cinematography (by cameraman Abhiram Mishra), of the songs specially, and also for the editing by Chandrasekhar. Producer Panag Mohanta’s second film by Sutradhaar after the award winning Dhauli Express has showcased very well the efforts of the multi-talented Chittaranjan Tripathy, the director, music director, story, screenplay, dialogue writer and lyricist of the film with associate director Shiv Kumar Sharma from Mumbai, who is working with Kamal Hassan now.

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