Campus rumpus on sets of Oriya film

Source: The Telegraph Date 3rd August


Director Ranjan Mishra has just finished shooting his forthcoming film E Mana Khoje Mana Tiye, but even before the release it’s creating waves in the Oriya film industry.

The lovely ladies Jina and Rupali have been cast opposite Sunil and Tanmay who have worked in music albums previously. Actor Samaresh, who is in a negative role, is paired opposite the ravishing Priya.

“The film is about college life and these young actors are acting as college students. There are interesting incidents picked from life in college campus that the youngsters would love to watch,” says Mishra.

“We have focused on the funny occurrences in the lives of students as well as on emotional dilemmas that college students go through. Although a number love plots are there in the movie, there is a family drama weaved in it as well,” he says.

Most of scenes have been shot in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, but one will catch glimpses of exotic locations in the romantic songs shot around Baripada.

“As this is my second film, it was a great learning experience for me. I admired the spontaneity of my idol Aparajita Mohanty, who portrayed such a different role. I was amazed to see her act,” says actor Rupali Bihara.

Veteran actress Aparajita indeed stunned everyone on the sets with her brilliant performance, which she gave without cuts or retakes.

Although the actress has been enacting the part of a loving mother for a few years now, she has always appeared as a modern urban woman.

However, in E Mana Khoje Mana Tiye, she will be seen in a comic avatar of a village woman, who tries to understand the intricacies of her son’s college life. “It feels good to experiment at this age!” said Aparajita.

Besides playing their respective roles the cast and crew also had their share of fun on the sets.

Actors Tanmay and Sunil expressed that they had a gala time shooting.

“We had lots of fun while shooting and we became a little nostalgic when the college scenes were on,” says Sunil.

“I enjoyed every bit of acting and being on the floors. Sunil and I even went for trekking on the hills and swimming in the pools near Baripada where we had camped once for shooting,” says Tanmay.

Veterans Ajit Das, Mihir Das, Anita Das and Prithviraj are the other protagonists and will be seen in power-packed performances in the film.

“We are planning to release the film in September,” says producer Bhabakrushna Mishra.

Prashant Padhi, has composed the music and the album will be launched after the post-production work is over.

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