Buddhaditya climbs the ladder of stardom

From being a student of political science to taking up acting, from tele-serials in Mumbai to Oriya films, actor Buddhaditya’s journey is not only interesting but also different.

He has been in the regional film industry for just four years, but has already found a place in the hearts of viewers.

Whether it was a negative role in Nandini I Love You or the comic role he played in Prem Rogi, his acting skills have always been considered good.

Even as a child Buddhaditya, who is from Cuttack, wanted to be an actor. But he knew education comes first.

“I have always felt that it is important to experience various facets of life before blindly choosing a profession or occupation. So I began my career in acting only after clearing my masters degree from Delhi University,” says the actor who was a political science student.

Soon after he went to Mumbai to ready himself for the challenges of the film world.

“I took classes in Hindi and Urdu diction while in Mumbai and simultaneously went for acting classes to learn what not to do as an actor,” he reminisces.

His hard work paid of soon enough as he started clearing screen tests and got the opportunity to prove his worth in television. He has acted in serials like Kumkum, Meher and Waaris.

But home is where the heart is, the actor soon found out.

“I love the Oriya film industry. Initially I had to reject as many as seven film offers, but when I read the script of Nandini I Love You, I had to star in it,” he says.

Released in 2007, Nandini I Love You was a major hit. The negative role that Buddhaditya played was greatly appreciated.

The actor had to keep travelling between Mumbai and the shoot location here, which he continues to do even now.

The actor is all praises for Mumbai, although his love for Oriya movies remains constant. “I don’t want to leave Mumbai; there’s so much to learn there. Here our industry still lacks professionalism. Of course, things are changing,” he adds.

The actor is choosy about film scripts. So, even though he gets many offers, he makes very few films compared to others in the industry.

But almost all his films like Pagala Karuchi Paunji Tora and Prem Rogi have done well at the box office.

But it was Tu Thile Mo Dara Kahaku, in which he starred with his aunt, the veteran actor Mahasweta Ray, which received a thumping response.

“It was amazing working with her,” says Buddhaditya of his aunt. “She is so professional, so punctual. She always keeps you on your toes. For me, she is the perfect co-star,” he adds.

The young actor is now back in Mumbai where Oriya film Sangam is being shot. “I have a small role in the film. But I’m sure the audience will appreciate it,” says Buddhaditya, whose ultimate aim is to work in Bollywood.

“I hope people in the film fraternity here watch each other’s movies and of course, the shortage of theatres is causing a setback to our industry. But I’ll never ever stop working for the Oriya film industry,” he adds.

Article Source: The telegraph,July 1 , 2010

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