Kuni Ganesh : First 3-D animation TV serial from state to make its debut

Source: The Telegraph
By NAMITA PANDA 2nd Sept,2010


Mythological tales and folklore in three-dimensional form will soon hit the small screen across the state.

Animation series Kuni Ganesh created at an animation institute in Bhubaneswar is all set to for its television debut on coming Saturday. The journey of the project from its inception to production has been a challenging task for the animators of the first three-dimensional cartoon series from Orissa.


The concept was born four years back when animator Gourishankar Singh, during his visit to Hyderabad and Mumbai found that a number of cartoonists from Orissa were creating programs for big animation houses and television programmes. Singh wished that with help of these animators he could make animation series for people back home.

“I knew this project could be made possible in Orissa, but for that a group of animators would need to be dedicated for achieving the cause. With just a handful of job prospects for animators in the state most of them had settled in other parts of the country,” said Singh at the launch of Kuni Ganesh on Wednesday.


Luckily, Singh found a few good animators and engineers who wished to do something interesting in Orissa. Engineer Raj, and animators Rajendra Moharana, Niranjan Pradhan and Bedapragyan Das were keen to work for such a venture. Singh’s friend Jyotiranjan Swain created a simple and yet interesting story that would attract children and hence began the production work.

“Although it was tough to garner finance for the project, the final output however was ready after toiling day and night for close to four years,” said Singh, the producer for the series. The team of animators, ho are part of Singh’s animation institute Media Pixel as faculty, recently released an animated album Nilapari.


“Nilapari’s success has added our confidence and we are positive about the response for Kuni Ganesh,” said technical head Janardhan Das. But he also added that there might be minute flaws in the animation, which they would try to improve on in their forthcoming projects. “With no guidance available for an animation project, it is obvious that our ideas become limited,” he said.

The team has prepared eight episodes to be aired on Saturdays at 7.30 am on Doordarshan. The series shows Lord Ganesha as a friend of kids who comes in as an avatar of a child to help them. “We have also focused on issues like education of girls and almost all stories have a moral lesson for kids,” said Jyotiranjan Swain, storywriter and director of the series. Rajesh Shankar has composed the music and school students have dubbed for the voices of the characters.

“I’m very excited to hear my voice on screen,” said Shreyas Sahil, a Class IV student who has lent his voice for the Kuni Ganesh. The team is giving final touches to their next project, Aaima Kahani, animation series on Oriya folk tales. The first Oriya 3-D animated film Ekalavya will also be released in a couple of months,” said Singh.

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