A tribute to Sikandar Alam

on 17 Sep 2010 13:29

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Audiographer Subash Das bags National award for the second time

on 16 Sep 2010 16:21

Posted By: JoyRide on 16th Sept 2010 No Odia film could make entry to the recently announced National Film awards for the year 2009 but the Odias still have their moment of glory as Sound Recordist Subash Sahoo grabs the best Audiography award. Mumbai based seasoned sound recordist Subash Sahoo bagged the Rajat Kamal award under Best Audiography for the film ‘Kaminey’ for location-recording. The best audiography award went to Oscar winner Resul Pookutty for Malayalam film ‘Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja’ and Anup Dev for ‘3 Idiots’ besides Subash Sahoo. source :Samaj External links: 1. Backlinks
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Kuni Ganesh : First 3-D animation TV serial from state to make its debut

on 14 Sep 2010 10:14

Source: The Telegraph By NAMITA PANDA 2nd Sept,2010 Mythological tales and folklore in three-dimensional form will soon hit the small screen across the state. Animation series Kuni Ganesh created at an animation institute in Bhubaneswar is all set to for its television debut on coming Saturday. The journey of the project from its inception to production has been a challenging task for the animators of the first three-dimensional cartoon series from Orissa. The concept was born four years back when animator Gourishankar Singh, during his visit to Hyderabad and Mumbai found that a number of cartoonists from Orissa were creating programs for big animation houses and television programmes. Singh wished that with help of these animators he could make animation series for people back home. “I knew this project could be made possible in Orissa, but for that a group of animators would need to be dedicated for achieving the cause. With just a handful of job prospects for animators...
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Campus rumpus on sets of Oriya film

on 12 Sep 2010 07:33

Source: The Telegraph Date 3rd August Director Ranjan Mishra has just finished shooting his forthcoming film E Mana Khoje Mana Tiye, but even before the release it’s creating waves in the Oriya film industry. The lovely ladies Jina and Rupali have been cast opposite Sunil and Tanmay who have worked in music albums previously. Actor Samaresh, who is in a negative role, is paired opposite the ravishing Priya. “The film is about college life and these young actors are acting as college students. There are interesting incidents picked from life in college campus that the youngsters would love to watch,” says Mishra. “We have focused on the funny occurrences in the lives of students as well as on emotional dilemmas that college students go through. Although a number love plots are there in the movie, there is a family drama weaved in it as well,” he says. Most of scenes have been shot in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, but one will catch glimpses of exotic locations in the romantic...
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For us singing is divine: Sikandar Alam

on 29 Jul 2010 16:50

Author:Mona Lisa Jena: source Sikandar Alam is a revered man in Odisha. He is a singer par excellence and a pious soul. His entire family has dedicated their lives to music and art. For them this is ‘sadhana' and if God has been kind enough to bestow such talent, they have to carry it forward and remain devoted to the supreme. Sikandar Alam is known for singing ‘bhajans' and romantic songs that are always decent and heart warming “I can't appreciate the changing trends where music has become an instrument of titillation with vulgar lyrics. True music soothes the frayed nerves and makes one forget one's mundane life,” he says. His wife is also a singer and seconds his opinion, so does his young daughter Nazia who is immersed in the world of classical music and has carved a niche for herself. The family has an actress too. Sofia, Sikandar's elder daughter, is a television actress to reckon with. This small family is devoted passionately to music and...
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Good playwrights in Orissa are shifting to movies: Dhira Mallick

on 29 Jul 2010 16:36

source Dhira Mallick is a well known name in Orissa's theatre circles. Propelling the state's theatre movement, the veteran has imparted a new edge to modern Oriya theatre. His group Shatabdira Kalakar has been instrumental in the rise of Oriya theatre during the last three decades. A man of many parts, Mallick spoke to Q: When did you fall in love with acting and eventually with theatre? DM: It's because of my family background. My elder brother used to stage dramas and I used to watch the rehearsals. That generated interest in acting. I started acting during my schooldays and continued till college. I bagged the best actor award in the first year of my college career and later I began directing plays. Then I became dramatic secretary in my college and have been obsessed with theatre since then. I came to Bhubaneswar in 1973 and studied drama. Q: How was Shatabdira Kalakar formed? DM: When I came to Bhubaneswar there were a few...
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Sidhant Mohapatra: My people will not remain unprivileged any more

on 29 Jul 2010 16:27

Author:Ayaskant Das source The chocolate boy of Odia film industry, Sidhant Mohapatra, has a new and more serious role to play. He has been the poster boy of Odia film industry for more than a decade and a half, during which time he has given the maximum number of hits to the industry. He started his career with the film Shradhanjali in the year 1993 and followed it up with hits like Pathara Khasuchi Bada Deularu, Suna Panjuri, Suhag Sindura, Lakhe Siba Puji Paichi Pua, Mo Kola To Jhulana and Pua Mora Jagata Jita. Two of his recent releases Mukhyamantri and Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei have also found great appreciation with the public of Odisha. In his long innings in the Odia film industry, Sidhant has acted with the most noted directors and co-actors. And he has proved his talent as an actor and silenced his critics' doubts over his acting credentials by winning the state film award more than once. However, after showering him with immense love and...
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Guru Krushna Goswami: Where the lyre and the lyric meet

on 29 Jul 2010 16:10

Author: V.V.Shukla source Poet, lyricist and music composer Guru Krushna Goswami is a flamboyant personality in the field of Oriya literature, film and music. Born in the year 1934 near Baripada to Gokulachandra Goswami and Sraddhabati Goswami, he has over 1600 folk,devotional and modern songs to his credit. He is the celebrated lyricist of over 30 Oriya feature films, from Maa (1958) to Ranabhumi (1994). His name evokes fond memories of a galaxy ofevergreen songs such as Mu Je Janena Kaha Bata, Phulei Rani Sajaphula, E Banara Chhayi, Antare Kande Bahare Hase Mu, Sei Chuna Chuna Taraphule, etc. His poetry books include E Mana Chorapathe (1967), Samuduni Mor Juhar Janiba (1967), Abanigandha (1998), Jagadihudi (1998), Namami Janmabhumi (1999), Champakbarani (2002) and a collection of Hindi devotional songs on Lord Jagannath, He Jagannath Tujhe Pranam (2006) which has already been released by T-Series in 2 cassettes – Jay Jagadish Hare and Jay Jagannath....
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Interview: Chakradhar Sahu

on 25 Jul 2010 08:05

Source Dharitri Rabibar 23rd July 2010 There have been many directors in oriya film industry who have tried to popularise art films as mainstream cinema.Chakradhara sahu is one among them.After graduating from FTTI,Pune in Film Editing he went to mumbai and spent a couple of years there.Then he returne to orissa with a dream of making it big here.He started his career with the film Nila Mastrani in the year 1996.After sensing that art films are not commercially viable he turned towards commercial films.His first commercial film Tumaku Paruni Ta bhuli was released in the year 2008 and was a box ofice success.After a gap of 3 years he is ready with his next project kebe Tume nahan Kebe mu nahin . Excerpts from the interview. What was your experince with your first commercial film Tumaku Paruni ta bhuli ? I came to orissa to make some good film here.I was even aware of the quality of films and teqniques used in filmmaking of the industry at that time.Since i had studied...
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Accident in Film sets

on 23 Jul 2010 16:34

Posted By:Admin on 23rdJuly Backlinks
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Oriya films on Mythology

on 18 Jul 2010 12:13

Posted By: Alok Nayak On 19th July 2010 Whenever we discuss about our cinema one name that comes to everyones mind is Sita Bibaha.It marked the beginning of Oriya cinema.Since then a lot of films have been made on different genres. In the past two decades hardly any mythological films have been made.The reason is obvious.The time has changed,people have changed.Their likings and taste has changed.People have become more modern now -this includes their thinking and the acceptance of western culture.If we break down the structure of current films based on genre,90 percent would fall into romance and family drama.This speaks the likes and dislikes of audience. In the midst of mindless love stories a film on lord Jagannath was made by Sabyasachi Mohapatra in the year2007. The film Jai Jagannath is the only oriya film which was made in oriya as well as in hindi and released nationwide.It was made on a huge budget and created history by being dubbed into 13 other indian...
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Mukhyamatri :A film that stands apart, infuses freshness

on 17 Jul 2010 17:38

Article By: Namita Panda , Source: Expressbuzz From the very scene that Banku is introduced, one glues to the seat and starts enjoying the freshness in Sidhant’s acting that was missing since some time now in the recently released Oriya film 'Mukhyamantri'. The complete transformation from being a well-educated ministerial candidate Shekhar Das to a maverick village rickshaw puller has to be applauded as much as his comic expressions that generated rounds of claps. When Bijoy Mohanty who plays an ex-chief minister, makes the villager Sidhant the replacement for his missing look-alike, the movie does remind of the Bollywood blockbuster Don with the backdrop of politics. The movie revolves around the power that a chief minister has and could use to achieve a social reformation. There are of course few idealistic situations that could be excused considering cinematic liberties. Yet it gives great joy and a positive feeling to even imagine that such changes could be possible...
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Can Oriya art cinema revitalise?

on 17 Jul 2010 17:04

Source: Expressbuzz , Author:Kasturi Ray , 11 Jul 2010 From Mrinal Sen’s Matira Manisha and Nitai Palit’s Mala Janha in the 1960s to Manmohan Mohapatra’s Muhurta in 2000, film lovers have seen with relief and joy a stream of parallel cinema in Orissa that had been trudging its way — though through ups as well as downs. But then the last decade has witnessed nothing to rejoice about on this front. If there was a plenitude of new-wave films from 1970-2000, the graph 2000-09 has plummeted like never before. Lack of support from the state government, receding audience interest and absence of the profit quotient in the form of returns have exacerbated the situation. During the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, such movies — released occasionally in theatres and mos tly on national channel Doordarshan — were widely viewed and appreciated. Mostly produced on low budgets (Rs 25 lakh to Rs 30 lakh), these films used to be partly funded by the government (up to Rs 15 lakh) through the national...
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Zoom to platinum Oriya silver screen

on 10 Jul 2010 20:37

Article By:NAMITA PANDA source The Telegraph,June 29 2010 Samuel From touring cinema to a number of air-conditioned halls, from mythological scripts to urban fantasies, the journey hasn’t been easy for the Oriya film industry. The industry turned 75 years old last month. Proof that the industry is now growing at a fast rate can found in the number of films that released on Sunday: around 447 — from Sita Bibaha to Aama Bhitare Kichhi Achhi. The fraternity is now celebrating the milestone at various award functions. “After the first (Oriya) film was released, there was a gap of 15 years before Lalita released. Of course, efforts were on, but none bore fruit. One of the reasons was that during the British regime, film halls (in the then capital Cuttack) preferred screening English classics for British officers. They looked down upon Oriya cinema. Today, Oriya films run for months at a stretch at movie theatres,” said Bhim Singh, veteran film and theatre personality and author...
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Buddhaditya climbs the ladder of stardom

on 10 Jul 2010 20:24

From being a student of political science to taking up acting, from tele-serials in Mumbai to Oriya films, actor Buddhaditya’s journey is not only interesting but also different. He has been in the regional film industry for just four years, but has already found a place in the hearts of viewers. Whether it was a negative role in Nandini I Love You or the comic role he played in Prem Rogi, his acting skills have always been considered good. Even as a child Buddhaditya, who is from Cuttack, wanted to be an actor. But he knew education comes first. “I have always felt that it is important to experience various facets of life before blindly choosing a profession or occupation. So I began my career in acting only after clearing my masters degree from Delhi University,” says the actor who was a political science student. Soon after he went to Mumbai to ready himself for the challenges of the film world. “I took classes in Hindi and Urdu diction while in Mumbai and simultaneously...
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Smart Oriya films win back urban viewers

on 10 Jul 2010 18:52

Article By: BIBHUTI BARIK source: The Telegraph,Tuesday , July 6 , 2010 The showers have drenched Oriya cinema with new hope this monsoon. Once despondent over the regional film cinema scene, filmmakers are filled with fresh enthusiasm as the film scene has started looking up. “Earlier, the theory was that Oriya movies were watched only by viewers in rural areas. But recent response from the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack is very encouraging,” said Sitaram Agarwala, the producer and owner of Sarthak Music. He said urban viewers seemed to be attracted by a “visible improvement in packaging, location selection, casting and camera work”. Oriya film producers never make movies on an experiment basis, unlike their Bollywood counterparts, he added. “Perhaps it’s because that type of films might not be comprehended by many viewers here. But the main-streaming of Oriya film industry has already begun,” he said. Agarwala’s production house is credited with the making of films...
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First Bilingual Oriya Film

on 04 Jul 2010 11:47

Posted By:Admin on 3rd July 2010 Courtsey: Dharitri epaper Backlinks
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Raja - The Rainy season for odia films

on 30 May 2010 17:15

Posted By: Alok On 29th May'10 The times in oriya film industry were never like this before.Its raining films this season in raja.There are five films coming together in raja festival.All of these will compete against each other to grab viewers attention.and the audience will be major benefetors from it.They will have more options to choose from and the one which will offer best entertainment will attract them. The films lined up for raja are- sanju aau sanjana,aalo mora kandhei,pahili raja,ama bhitare kichhi achhi,Dil tate deichi.Almost all the heroes and heroines of the industry are in these pictures.Sidhanta will be seen in two pictures - pahili raja and Aalo mora sakhi kandhei. And two pictures from Anu chaudhury too-Dil tate deichi and aalo mora kandhei.Aalo mora kandhei being common for them.The other pairs hitting the screen are a)Anubhav-Barsha in aama bhitare kichi achhi b)sabyasachi-priya in dil tate deichi c)Babusan-parijat in Sanju aau sanjana d)Akash with archita...
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Request to readers

on 01 Jun 2009 10:37

Posted By:Moviebug , on 1st June I felt the absence of a decent site on oriya films ,hence this is my effort to fill the void.Even though there are a couple of sites ,they only have specific category of information.That too limited.Here i have tried to put all the information,latest news,blogs. I would appreciate if you too can contribute here and take the site forward.I request all of you contribute to this site directly or indirectly.All u have to do is be a member of this site and get the right to edit the contents.Inform about the site to others.
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