About Me

Hi..I am Alok ranjan Nayak.
I love Movies.Movies of any kind-Movies of any language.Movies just fascinate me.I just cant live without watching movies. A regular dose of film has kept me alive till now.
All these love for movies started very early in my childhood.Those were the days when i missed my regular playtime just to watch the only film that was shown on Sunday evenings.(Courtsey Doordarshan).When there were any functions in my village people(mostly from the pressure from boys and girls) used to organize public video shows.Those nights were blessings for all.We watched movies after movies till it was dawn.
That was the fond memories of my childhood.

After fifth class I joined SainiK school( Boarding) in Bhubaneswar for my studies.There also the only source of entertainment was TV.Sundays were boring and lonely foe us till we were class eight.We were only allowed to watch programs aired on TV.There were two occasions every year where were able to see movies on VCR.One was ganesh Puja and the other Saraswati Puja.

Soon I realised that i had became addicted to films.

One day I decided The only Thing i was to do was in Movies.That is where my heart lies.

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